Would You Like To Know How To Generate Up To $1,833.46 Everyday For 12 Weeks?!

“This is what one person banked in three months working from their home based office using this system:”


In the first month he banked $46,099.20
In the second month he banked $69,644.10
And in the third month he banked $52,935.70

Total In Just 3 Months



In other words $1,833.46 a day!

Now That’s REAL Money!

Would YOU like to make the same kind of money?

Let’s stop right there because I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying to yourself “Oh come on, I’ve heard all this before; it’s just more sales hype to get me to part with my money and to be disappointed yet again”

And I don’t blame you for thinking that because I’ve been there; wasting so much of my time and money on “get rich quick” programmes that never work.


And that’s why Success Systems Publishing was created; to give aspiring Entrepreneurs like yourself a genuine system to help achieve Financial Independence.


Fellow Entrepreneur,

Yes, it sounds unbelievable but these figures ARE genuine and achievable. So stay with me here and please read on because in a moment I’m going to reveal a system that will start you on your way to achieving this level of success. A system that has the potential to make you up to $5000 A MONTH! (That’s over $1000 each week!)

(Please believe me when I say this as I know you’ve heard this all before!)

Let me explain, as I’m sure you’re aware, there are very successful people supplying high-quality products to ‘Hungry Niche Markets’ who are making absolute fortunes! 

We at Success Systems Publishing pride ourselves in supplying these same type of Specialist High Quality Niche Products AND very importantly, the most effective way to market them.

And in a moment I’ll be revealing a little secret which these people are using right now to make… 


Up to $5,000-$10,000 a month!



Something you’ve NEVER been told about before.

It’s the one SECRET which gives them ‘the edge’…

And, I’ve decided that it’s time to reveal this secret…

But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Terry Neilson, founder of Success Systems Publishing. As said, we provide high quality Specialist Niche Products which are sold using simple one-page automated websites.

Meditation Website Image

Thousands of pounds are quietly being made

every month in what is an AMAZING BUSINESS

And these people…

-DON’T have to stock these Products

-They DON’T Deal Face to Face with Customers

-And the Web Sites are already made for them and run AUTOMATICALY 

But before I go any further I want you to do something…and there is a purpose to what follows so please bear with me for a few seconds.

Imagine logging in to your PayPal account to see that $1000 has been deposited into it while you’ve slept. And then transferring that money into your Bank Account, knowing you can use it as you want.

Just really imagine how that would feel…

Feels good doesn’t it!

And yes, it is possible to make such large amounts…all you need to start making VERY decent money is the right kind of  products and the automated websites to go with them

But you need to know that SECRET I told you about.

And here it is:

The most Successful Marketers in this business get their Specialist Niche Products…

Created For Them!

Yes, that’s their simple but POWERFUL secret!

They don’t create anything!

The products are supplied to them ‘ready-made’ and ‘ready-to-go’; all they do is offer these products to specific ‘hungry markets’ at huge profits! As I said, these people are making fortunes…probably far more than you realise.

“OK, great for them but what’s this got to do with me?” I hear you ask.

Basically, I’d like to give a few highly motivated home-based entrepreneurs exclusive access to these high quality ready-made Niche Products without having to pay the high prices they are usually bought for…I want to give them to a select small number of aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself because I think you deserve to finally benefit from this secret and have the same advantage as the “big boys”.

Why I’m willing to do this…and even supply you with the method of how to make up to $5,000-10,000 a month from them, COMPLETELY FREE…I’ll explain in just a moment.

But again, imagine if you could make even just a small amount of what they’re making. Imagine how your life would change if every month up to $10,000 was deposited directly into your Paypal Account for doing just a couple of hours work a day on your automated one-page websites and some simple but effective marketing at home.

(And again, please have an open mind here as in a moment I’m going to show you some numbers to give you an idea of how this could actually happen for you. So please put up with the ‘hype’!)

Again, just imagine it…

Really imagine what a difference that would make to your life right now if you could receive up to £10,000 A MONTH PROFIT!

You’d never have to ‘work’ again!

Forget the 9-5 ‘grind’ for the rest of your life. Think about it. Wouldn’t you like to go into the office or wherever you work, hand in your notice and walk out without a single care in the world?

You could take yourself and your family off on a luxury holiday anywhere in the world…

Imagine going on a world cruise and having your own lavish suite with a private ocean view balcony!

Sounds good right? Well that’s no dream…


Or maybe you could use the profits that you make to move to a warmer climate with a beautiful villa complete with swimming pool and sea view.

Or how about buying a nice 4 or 5 bedroomed detached house with a couple of acres of grounds. A house furnished with the most luxurious fixtures and fittings.

Comfortable furniture, soft carpets, large kitchen with an island in the middle and breakfast room to the side, a marble bathroom, landscaped grounds… EVERYTHING!

And what about parking your new luxury car in the driveway…

“So what has all of this got to do with me and why all the hype?!” I hear you saying. (And again, I understand exactly how you feel; we’ve all been down that “get rich quick” road and let’s not go there again!) The reason for ‘the hype’ is to show you what is actually possible when you are a success in this amazing business.

Now, I’m sure you know all about the people leading this kind of lifestyle. You may have bought their Courses, attended their Seminars, and even purchased their DVDs. Basically, you know that the business of selling Specialist Niche Information Products can be extremely profitable!

In short, you know it’s a fantastic business to get into. In fact, it’s been called “The Best Business In the World”. And I’m sure you’ll agree. However, there is one major problem…

One Major Obstacle!

And it’s the one thing stopping you from joining these individuals.

So what is it?

It’s the fact that aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself who want to be a success in this business just DON’T have access to these Specialist Niche Products with their automated websites…

And are completely daunted by the thought of creating them!

This is a major, major obstacle which I can tell you no one else in the business tells you about.

They just DON’T reveal WHERE they are getting THEIR TOP QUALITY SPECIALIST NICHE INFORMATION PRODUCTS from…the products that they’re making their fortunes with.

And that’s because, and I’m revealing another

secret here, IT’S A CLOSED SHOP!

The guys that are making thousands of Pounds a month from the products they are selling NEVER reveal their supplier’s details.

This Is A Huge Business…

1,000’s of products are being researched, developed and sold every year.

But as I’ve said, if you want to get access to them, it’s basically a closed shop.

And that’s the BIG problem that people like you who want to succeed in this business are up against.

The people that supply these Specialist Niche Products just DON’T contact members of the public. Much the same way as retailers buy all their products from wholesalers but the wholesalers don’t have shops themselves and definitely don’t go direct to the public. It’s much the same in this business.

However, today this all changes. How would you feel if…

EVERY MONTH For A Year I Gave You Access To These Specialist Niche Information Products And Provided You With The Automated Web Sites To Go With Them! 

AND most importantly, I’ll even give you the instructions to show you how to have up to $5,000-$10,000 deposited into your Paypal Account EVERY MONTH with these products…basically all you need to do is follow these instructions and the automated websites will do the rest.

(Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten; I’ll be giving you the all important figures to back this up shortly!)

In Essence, I’ll Give You Access To Twelve Premium  Specialist Niche Information Products Complete

With Websites.

Now you’re probably asking yourself why am I

willing to do all this for you

Well, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and as I’ve mentioned, I feel that it’s about time that aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself finally get a fair chance in this business.

Because this is a Business that you build upon. From the Specialist Niche Information Products with their ready-made automated one-page websites you’ll be building a sizeable list of customers that you can promote to again and again. And because your buyers have trust in you you’ll be able to offer them Products and Courses at even higher prices!

OK, so let’s recap…

Basically, what I’m saying here is that if you’re willing to put in the effort (which I think you are or you wouldn’t be reading this!), I’ll give you access to what are essentially fully researched and developed…

Ready-Made Businesses!



As part of this ‘Elite’ Membership, Here’s

The First Package I’ll be Sending You:

A Ready To Go, Top Quality Specialist Niche Information Product…

Mediation Website Screenshot

And Yes, That’s EVERY MONTH!!!

And I will do this for a FULL 12 MONTHS so by the end of the year you will have 12 Top Specialist Niche Information Products of the highest quality that could be making you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!!


  • And all COMPLETELY DIGITAL ready for your Customers to immediately download…

  • With INSTANT ACCESS there’s NO WAITING for what they have bought to be delivered!


By the way, I’d like to point out here that it doesn’t matter if you know NOTHING about the subject matter of any of the Products or even if you’ve got ABSOLUTLEY NO INTEREST in them…it doesn’t matter whatsoever.

None of the successful Specialist Niche Product Marketers rarely know anything about the subjects of the Products they make their money with…

What they do is simply take a similar type of product to the ones that I will be giving to you…and here’s the KEY:

They then offer it to

individuals already ‘hungry’

to buy that type of product.

Which is why it’s so much easier to make money in this business than in any others, as you’ll see in a moment.

And again, there’s no need to know anything about the subject because your simple one-page website will do the selling for you whilst the products themselves have been created by specialists in those particular areas.

For example, the first product that I will

be sending you is a High Quality Specialist

Niche ‘Meditation’ Product

Now one of the reasons that the individuals are so successful with products like these is because the suppliers of these products make sure they are ‘in-demand’ ie if that particular niche is red hot.

For instance, in the case of this Specialist Niche ‘Meditation’ Product, according to my research, there are an average of over 10,000,000 SEARCHES for words relating to ‘Meditation’ EVERY MONTH…

Meditation Search Volume

That’s over 300,000 SEARCHES  EVERY

As you can see, a huge potential ‘Hungry Market’…and if you aren’t aware, the profit on these  Speciality Niche Products is ENORMOUS!

This is why there is so much money to be made in this business.

For example, typically these niche products will sell for  $47-67 EACH.

Now remember, because your products are DIGITAL there are hardly any expenses in delivering them to your customers.


And using the power of Social Media to promote your Specialist Niche Products you will have access to literally thousands of people who are ‘hungrily’ searching for your product whatever Niche you decide to go into.

Of course, if at any time you wanted to convert your Digital products into physical you can also do that too to add another buying option for your customers. This is very cheap and easy to do; you can do it yourself or a Duplication House will create the DVDs and a Fulfilment House will send them out to your customers for you.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Figures…

So with such large profits available from each product, let’s have a look at what you could potentially make…

And I’ll be ultra – conservative here.

Let’s say, once it’s up and running, your specialist ‘Meditation’ website has a mere 3 sales a week with a profit of on average $60 each. Which is hardly any when consider some people are often selling hundreds of these products every month.

So, let’s just say only 3 sales come in each week. In this scenario that would mean that this one automated site… of which you have hardly ANYTHING to do with once set up…with a product you DIDN’T even have to create or know anything about…

Would be providing you with over $9,000 A YEAR IN PROFITS.

And that’s with just THREE sales a week!

But remember, with over 300,000 searches a day the ‘Meditation’ market is COLOSSAL!

So, if you got that up to one sale per day (remember your website will be ‘open for business’ twenty-four hours a day)…

You’d Make A Cool $21,900 PROFIT


But remember, I’m being conservative here. I’m talking about a trickle of sales, but it’s not uncommon to have HUNDREDS OF SALES .

There are people who have as much as 100 sales of a Niche Product like this at an average profit of $60 each in just a few weeks…

Or in other words, $6000 into their accounts in just a few weeks!

However, let’s be even more conservative here and say your one automated Specialist Niche Product website is making you, say, just $15,000 PROFIT A YEAR. Not a bad income considering you didn’t have to create the product and the site does the selling for you.

However, and go with me here, what if you didn’t just have one of these SPECIALIST NICHE INFORMATION PRODUCTS but several? With EACH one centred around a DIFFERENT Niche Market and solving the problems and fulfilling the needs of different ‘hungry crowds’.

And what if EVERY MONTH, I continued to give you another Specialist Niche Information Product complete with Website and License…

In other words, one new ready made ‘Business In A Box’ EVERY MONTH FOR A YEAR?

In fact, imagine making  over $15,000 PROFIT A  YEAR from EACH of your 12 Specialist Niche Websites.

ALL OF THEM working for you silently in the background!  And EACH one of them AUTOMATED and with the ability to deposit money into your Paypal account 365 days a year!

Making what could have been just a $15,000 yearly profit into a profit of $180,000 a year in your spare time…that’s over $3000 each week, 52 weeks of the YEAR!

And that’s being, as said, ultra conservative!

Not a bad income considering, as I’ve pointed out, these are products you DON’T have to create or source…products that you don’t have to stock or handle and products you DON’T have to ship.

I sincerely hope that you can see the incredible potential here to finally become financially free!

Furthermore, and very importantly, I’ll also be giving you something which will show you how to achieve this level of income as other individuals are doing.

Because it’s all well and good having the Products but if you don’t know how to market them…

More on that in a second, but to keep on track, as I was saying, how about if EVERY MONTH you didn’t just have access to one hot Specialist Niche Information Product but…

The AUTOMATED ONE-PAGE WEB SITE to each one too?

Well that’s exactly what I’ll be giving you because along with a Fully Researched Specialist Niche Information Product that I’ll give you access to each month, I’m also going to supply you with…

The Second Package I’ll Be

Sending You Each Month:

Twelve Full Professional Specialist Niche Information Product Websites

That’s right, 12 fully professionally designed websites complete with graphics and Sales Letter. In other words, one new SPECIALIST NICHE INFORMATION PRODUCT ‘CASH MACHINE’ EVERY MONTH  FOR A YEAR! All targeted at ‘hot’ Niche Markets that you can tap into WORLDWIDE!

Yes, your own Specialist Niche “Cash Machines”!

By the way, as I mentioned earlier DON’T WORRY about not knowing what to do at this stage, because as said, I’m going to be giving you an extensive Marketing Guide COMPLETELY FREE which will help you to take these specialist products, like the ‘Meditation’ one, and eventually turn them into automated incomes of up to…

$5,000-$10,000 PER MONTH!

As I also pointed out, remember, it doesn’t matter if you know NOTHING about the subject matter of any of these Products or even if you’ve got absolutely NO INTEREST in them. You’ll be the ‘Publisher’ as it were, and most Publishers don’t know anything about the subjects that they promote.

None of the individuals succeeding with their Niche Products rarely know much, if anything at all, about the subject of the products with which they make their money from.

All they do is simply take one of their products…A SPECIALIST NICHE INFORMATION PRODUCT and then offer it to people who are already eager to buy that sort of product…

And that’s THE KEY to their success: they find A HOT ‘HUNGRY’ MARKET and then give them what they want!

And it could be anything from..


-a Gaming Niche Product…

-a Football Based Niche Product

-a Paintball Niche Product…

a Body-Building Niche Product

-a Cruise ­Based Niche Product…

a Health Niche Product…

-a Pet Niche Product…

-a UFO Niche Product

-a Hypnosis Niche Product…

a Snowboarding Niche Product…

-a Meditation/Yoga Niche Product…

a Dating Niche Product…




I hope that you’re seeing the potential here!

Just imagine your Specialist Niche Information Product Websites in a variety of ‘Hungry Markets’ that are ALL AUTOMATED…and ALL making you money twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week…

Depositing money into your account when you’re asleep…when you’re down the gym…when you’re sipping your drink as you fly high above the Pacific…when you’re sipping a cocktail on an exotic beach by the Indian Ocean.

But THE  KEY to all of this is having access to the RIGHT ‘ready-made’ and ‘ready-to-

go’ Specialist Niche Information


That SECRET that you’re never told about.

But not only would you have to source and access these top quality Specialist Niche Information Products but, and here’s another very important point: you’d have to secure the Worldwide Licences to these Products.

Which brings me to the next thing…


sending you each month:

The Worldwide Licence For EACH

Specialist Niche Information

Product that I Supply You With…

As well as one ready-made Specialist Niche Information Product a month…and in addition to the Websites that accompany each of these Niche Products AND with instructions to show you how to profit from them…


EACH MONTH I’ll also send you the WORLDWIDE LICENSE for EACH Specialist Niche Information Product.

This not only protects you as it proves that it’s your product, it gives you the authority and freedom to sell as many copies as you wish of the product…


There are NO TIME RESTRICTIONS, NO ROYALTIES and NO COMMISSIONS for you to pay. The Specialist Niche Information Products that you’ll be able to profit from with their websites will be YOURS to do almost anything with. In other words…


Now before we move on I’d just like to say a word about these Licences. Please understand that these are VERY IMPORTANT.

They are EXTREMELY VALUABLE  and in many ways they ARE your Business.

These are LEGITAMATEGENUINE Licences to GENUINE high quality Specialist Niche

Information Products.

And Licences such as these which give you the right to basically own an extremely high quality ready made product AND allowing you to offer it in almost any way that you wish, is an extremely valuable commodity indeed!

Remember, it’s not the Licence itself which is valuable, but what it represents.

Much the same as if you held a Certificate for a PREMIUM BOND to the value of $1,000. The paper that it’s printed on isn’t worth $1,000 but what the Bond represents is.

So make sure that you treat your Licences with the same care as you would treat a Premium Bond, because a Licence WON’T be re-issued if you lose it.

Remember, it is an EXTREMELY VALUABLE DOCUMENT which will be issued SOLELY IN YOUR NAME and which you should keep somewhere very secure.

Now I Hope You’re Getting Excited!

And you should be! Because I will be giving you everything you need to set you on your way to making up to $10,000 a month!

Yes, I know it sounds hard to believe; and please remember: this is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme! It’s a genuine time tested business. We’re all naturally sceptical especially when it comes to money but if you put in the effort, like anything…

You will be rewarded!

You’ve seen the figures; work them out again for yourself and realise the opportunity here…

Your opportunity to finally become financially free!

This business is fantastic…and you can literally do it entirely from your laptop or any Mobile Device…and from almost anywhere in the world.

And again, very importantly, you’ll be shown exactly how to do this clearly and precisely in the special Marketing Guide I’m going to give you starting with your first month’s package

This is something that those Successful Marketers with their ready-made Niche Products already know how to do. And I’d like you to be in the same position as them because as I’ve said, you can have the best products in the world but if you don’t know how to market them…

(And believe me, I’ve been there and it’s not a nice feeling and I don’t want you to ever be there!)

This will cover ALL you need to know to help you profit from your Specialist Niche Products!

And to help you get started, I have also put together an “ACTION PLAN”. This will help you to get set up and ready to make money from your Specialist Niche Information Products and their automated Websites as quickly as possible.

(And just in case you’re worried about the ‘techie’ side of setting your websites up, I’ve even included detailed videos that walk you through all of it…just watch and do what they say and you’ll be up and running in practically no time at all!)

So DON’T WORRY…it’s easier than you think to make money from these Specialist Automated Websites…your little Niche Cash Machines!

Just Imagine How You Would Feel Making Your Very First Sales

Imagine receiving your first Licensed Product and setting up your first automated site (which is a matter of a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ process and clicking a mouse button), doing some simple initial marketing, closing your laptop and then discovering when you open it up again that you’ve made your very first sales!

And This Is Only The Beginning…

What a fantastic feeling that even when you leave your computer alone, you know that your business, once setup, will be quietly ticking away in the background depositing money into your Account!

And once you know how to do it, each site can take as little as 20 MINUTES to set up…and then can be left alone doing business for you while you go off shopping…go for a game of golf…go away for a week…whatever you feel like doing.

Imagine knowing that your websites are quietly making you money while you sleep, while you eat, while you go for a relaxing walk with your family in the countryside.

Of course you can always put in a little bit more ‘work’ to multiply your profits whenever you feel like it. You can set up just one Specialist Niche Website…or several…and just leave them silently working away in the background, regularly depositing money into your account.

And again, exactly how this is done is fully covered in the Specialist Marketing Guide which remember I’m including COMPLETELY FREE!

And as I said, and as you’ll soon find out, you DON’T have to know anything about websites or any technical stuff (remember, I’m including the ‘tech’ videos too!) and I can tell you some of the  people successfully selling Specialist Niche Information Products with these type of sites know absolutely nothing. In fact, if you can follow directions and ‘point and click’, you can do definitely do this.

So don’t concern yourself because you’ll

be given the methods to turn your

Specialist Niche Information Products with

their automated websites into a potential

income of up to $10,000 per month.

I can’t emphasise enough how absolutely brilliant this Business is in every way! As I’ve mentioned, it’s called ‘The Best Business In The World’. And it really is; amazing profits for a couple of hours ‘work’ a day! And it’s also a very simple business. As you’ll see from the package:

 There’s NO Product Development.

Because as a member of the IEIC I will be providing you with all the products!

 There’s NO ‘Face to Face’ Selling or Cold Calling.

In fact, there’s no hard selling for you to do of any kind as it’s all done by your automated one-page website.

 There’s NO Need For an Office.

As nearly all of this is run online you don’t need an office. You can work from your home in a spare room or anywhere in the house really. Your living room…your kitchen…even your garden when the weathers good. And that’s because everything can be done on your laptop, tablet or any mobile device.

In fact, you can run this business from anywhere in the world.

If you enjoy travelling as I do you’ll love the fact that this is a business that you can take anywhere in the world…as long as you’ve got an Internet connection and your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone you’re good to go!

Just connect…log on…and you can be making money.

And when you’re finished, you just log off. You can literally run this from a beach, cafe or just sitting by the pool.

And There’s Absolutely NO Experience Needed Whatsoever…

I mean NO experience at all. Not even in business. When I say that almost anyone can do this I mean it.

There’s NO Working Around The Clock – you can do it on your laptop, start about 9am and usually finish for the entire day by 11am. You could start at 1pm and finish at 3pm. Or work in the evening if you prefer.

Whatever suits your specific lifestyle. You’ll love this side of this business because it puts you in total control.

If there’s something you’d rather be doing, you can do it. If you simply don’t feel like working on any particular day, then you don’t. If you want a four day weekend, then you can have it. It’s your choice. Start whenever you want…finish whenever you want.

And unlike so many others, There’s Almost NO Risk With This Business Whatsoever!

Because all of this can be run from your automated Specialist Niche website, risks almost don’t exist. And because you can work on this when it suits you, you can do this in your spare time until you’re in a position to walk away from your current job.

And if you do this right you could be earning more in a month than in a year working 9-5!

So if you want to start off slowly to prove to yourself that this business works, do that. But I’m sure it won’t be too long before you’ve left your 9-5 job for good.

Basically, there’s NO guesswork involved…NO complicated brainwork needed.

OK Terry, This All Sounds Great,

So What Do I Do Next?

Well firstly let me immediately put your mind at rest because you’re probably worried that all this is going to cost you a small fortune.

After all, it can cost you a large amount of money for just ONE Specialist Niche Product, License and Website…and you now have the opportunity in the next few minutes to have access to not just one but 12 of these Speciality Niche Cash Machines.

And remember, each one is a ready-made Business in itself!

These Specialty Niche Products have been developed, recorded, filmed, and/or written…the graphics and artwork have been designed…the subject matter has been fully researched…the Website has been designed…the Sales Letter has been written …the Worldwide Licence has been secured…


It’s all supplied to you completely ready-to-go literally saving you tens of thousands of pounds and months of work!

And after doing some ‘personalising’ and making the Website ‘your own’ as it were, you’ll be ready to go!

But STOP WORRYING because as well as covering you by my completely risk-free GUARANTEE…

  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay thousands for a Worldwide Licence…

  • I’m NOT going to ask you to pay any Royalties or Commissions for every product you sell…

  • Also, there’s NO Legal Contract and NO Huge Expenses

Instead, all I’ll ask for is a small, fair and very reasonable figure that will cover a small portion of my costs, in return for which:

EACH MONTH For A Year you’ll get a Fully Researched And Fully Developed Specialist Niche Product…and remember, these products would cost you a LOT of your time to create yourself and believe me, a LOT of your money

And Each Product Complete With The One-Page Automated Website To Go With It…AND the professionally written Sales Letter…

You’ll get the Worldwide Licence for Each Specialist Niche Product I Send You…and again, remember, these Licenses allow you to make as many sales as you want AND keep all of the profits…

And very importantly, I’ll give you the Marketing System which will give you the effective strategies to show you how to make up to $5,000-$10,000 EVERY MONTH…basically all you need to do is put them into action and the websites can do the rest!

In essence, I’ll be giving you ACCESS to the same kind of high quality products which the most successful people in this business are making their money with.

“Ok Terry, Get To The Point…How  Much Is All Of This Going To Cost Me!?

Right, I’ll Get to the Point!


I Will Give You ACCESS To All Of This…


(The Ready Made Products, Their Automated Sites Complete with Sales Page and Graphics, and Their Worldwide Licenses)

For just $197 to give you an immediate start with your first Product and then $197 per month for every subsequent ready-to-go Specialist Niche Product, Website and Licence Pack thereafter.

Of course, you will be under NO OBLIGATION to go further than month 1 and you can stop at any time. If you find for example, that your ‘Meditation’ site does very well and has really ‘taken off’, you can choose to stop the arrival of your next monthly package until you feel you are ready. It’s your call. You can have 1 package or 12 …simply cancel your membership when you wish to. Simple as that.

However, saying that, once you have a couple of your websites up and running, pulling in money, and realise how easy it all is, you’ll probably want to keep setting up new ones…

Creating new ‘cash machines’ month

after month.

And If That Wasn’t Enough I’ll Even GUARANTEE It…

Quite simply I want you to be completely happy about all of this. Actually, it’s quite important because when you are successful I would like you to give me your ‘success story’ to use as a Testimonial so that you can help me to continue to help others to become financially free. So basically it’s in my interests to make sure you make money.

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You could treat yourself to that 5-STAR LUXURY HOLIDAYmaybe several every year.

You could also, as I described earlier, take yourself on that WORLD CRUISE aboard the famous Queen Elizabeth Ocean Liner. A cruise in which you’d enjoy your voyage in your own lavish suite with private ocean view balcony…

Or maybe you would jet off to the Maldives for two or three weeks staying in your very own luxurious lagoon water villa complete with your own boat. Imagine putting your feet up and relaxing on your lounger on the deck…the sun warming your body…the sky clear blue with only the occasional wispy cloud passing overhead…all with the sound of the clear turquoise water gently lapping in the background.

Not a care in the world…no worries…no stress…just absolute bliss!

Or maybe, rather than going on holiday to exotic destinations, you could use the profit that you make to move abroad to a much warmer climate with a beautiful luxury home or villa complete with swimming pool and sea view.

A place to give your family a

wonderful, fresh new start in life.

Or maybe buying that luxurious 6 bedroomed detached house in the country with an acre or so of landscaped gardens and your own home cinema room.

And of course, that luxury top of the range car you’ve always wanted parked in the drive…Maybe a Mercedes or an Aston Martin. Just imagine how proud you’d feel…and how proud of you your family would be! Well, as I pointed out:

You Could Do All Of These Things.

It really is possible… it’s this kind of lifestyle that the individuals who are having the most success with their  Specialist Niche Products enjoy…

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They DON’T Deal Face to Face With Customers

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Really think about it, you could go from scratch to having all the things you want such as the luxury car…pay off all your debts travel FIRST CLASS and stay in 5 Star Deluxe Hotels…

And I know you’ll love this! Think about it. You set up just a couple of your ready-made websites…perform some marketing online…then just snap your laptop shut…walk away and leave it quietly working in the background.

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Indeed, once set-up these specialist automated websites basically run themselves. After your initial set-up and some basic marketing you could leave your computer alone for days and not check in at all. Your business just ticks away quietly in the background.

And it’s doing this while you’re sleeping…while you eat…while you’re out for a walk…shopping…playing a round of golf…holidaying in the sun…whatever you’re doing.

And if you set them ALL up and go that ‘extra mile’ it could very well be $10,000 a MONTH!

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And yes, I know you may be sceptical, that’s natural as we are so conditioned to think we have to work 9-5 for a full month to get our monthly wage. It’s hard to imagine figures like $5,000-$10,000 PER MONTH coming in…

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What are you going to do to get the car of your dreams? The house you’ve always wanted? The villa abroad? The places you’ve always dreamed of visiting? The first class travel you want to experience?

The things you’d like to do for your loved ones?

Seriously, what are your plans to better your life?

Because the fact is if you keep doing the same things, you’ll simply get the same results. So if you haven’t got a plan, just explore the possibility of changing your lifestyle by having your own Successful Business as an Infopreneur.

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You have my very best wishes. 

To Your Success,

Terry Neilson

PS. Remember, you have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE (and everything to gain!) by at least having a look at this as you are covered by my


(And remember, even if you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll let you keep the First Monthly Package AND The IEIC Marketing Machine.)

PPS. Finally, please remember the secret: the most successful people in this business get their Specialist Niche Products created for them and I’ll be giving you exactly the same type of high quality products these people sell to fund their wonderful lifestyles. This is the secret they NEVER tell you about. And now I’m releasing this information with extremely high quality READY-TO-GO SPECIALIST NICHE PRODUCTS…products which are DEFINITELY NOT available to the general public…so that aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself finally have the chance to succeed as you so rightly deserve!



On top of everything else that I’ll be sending you, I’m going to include, as my appreciation to you for not just taking your valuable time to read my letter, but in ordering WITHIN 24 HOURS, this extra Bonus COMPLETELY FREE with my compliments:


‘How To Make More Money With Less Effort By Using The Power Of Sales Funnels to Explode Your Specialist Niche Product Profits!’

In this eight video course, a top UK Marketer will show you the power of Sales Funnels and how to use them in your Specialist Niche Product Business so that you stay ahead of your competition, “clean up” in your niche and make more money with less effort.

It will also show you how to dramatically increase your profits with your Niche Products by revealing such things as:

-Why you need Sales Funnels,

-The structure of a successful funnel,

-The “Cold to Sold” step by step marketing plan to convert your prospects into buyers

-And so much more!

As I mentioned in my Guarantee, you will be building a list of “loyal” customers with your Specialist Niche Products who will be very interested in any subsequent products you will offer them and this is where the power of “The Money Funnels Masterclass” will come into play by showing you how to offer your customers bigger and better (and more profitable!) offers!

A brilliant resource when you sign up for ‘The Infopreneurs Elite Inner Circle’! (£197 Value)




I know how it feels to be left “high and dry” after you’ve received something and to have no one to turn to if you have questions (I’ve been there!) so to help you succeed I won’t just leave you on your own but will support you with a free one hour Consultation via email. Once you’ve reviewed everything and are ready to go, make a list of anything that you’re not sure about and any questions and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time for your one hour email Consultation. (value: priceless!)

And remember:

You can keep ‘The Money Funnels Masterclass’…

Even if after reviewing your package for 30 days you decide that this business is NOT for you, not only will I give you a full refund and cancel your membership as I promised, but as well as the first months package and “THE IEIC MARKETING GUIDE” you can KEEP THIS BONUS WITH MY COMPLIMENTS as a thank you for considering my offer.

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